Dress Code


We would like to see you dress to impress as though you were going out to an upscale venue or nightclub.


For the guys:

        -DO wear a dress shirt, polo, or designer t-shirt with slacks or designer jeans, some men prefer to wear a jacket, dress shoes and hats similar to fedora's are acceptable.

        -DO NOT wear work jeans, athletic shoes, flip flops, work boots, jerseys, oversized clothing, baggy shirts, shorts or ball caps please.

For the ladies:

         -DO  wear anything sexy from a party dress, corset, mini skirt, heels, dressy sandals, and some women like to change into lingerie or a sexier outfit later into the night.

         -DO NOT wear  beach attire, sweatpants, oversized clothing, baggy shirts, athletic shoes, rubber or plastic flip flops.


Dressing in theme can also be fun!!  Make sure to check the event calendar.


We do ask that all guests & members follow local laws by keeping nipples, aureola, and genitals covered.

 SINGLE MEN must be dressed to impress. A dress shirt, collared shirt, slacks or designer jeans and dress shoes are required. We are very strict about this policy.

*PLEASE make sure your clothing is street worthy. You may avoid attracting outside attention by wearing a light coat, jacket or change in the restroom after you arrive.

**Note** Designer/fashion silk type or Affliction type T-shirts and NICE jeans are permitted when worn with dress shoes. Jeans that are distressed or overly worn are NOT permitted. Final determination will be made by club management. If in doubt, Contact Us.

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