Everyone must adhere to all rules. NSL is a private social club for couples and singles to socialize, meet, dance, have some drinks, and make arrangements to take it to the next level if everyone is, “on the same page”.  If ANYONE is disrespectful, they will be removed from the club.

Couples and single ladies are admitted on all nights, and single gentlemen are admitted on special nights only.

  • The golden rule “NO” means “NO” DON’T PUSH THE BOUNDARIES.
  • Approach couples and single ladies with respect in order to start a conversation.
  • No Harassment of any kind.
  • Over drinking is not acceptable – please drink moderately or you will be removed.
  • Single gentlemen are not permitted to enter the club unless escorted by a couple or a single lady.
  • ALWAYS treat others with respect.
  • NEVER assume anything, always ask politely.

Single Gentlemen
Some of our clients expect to meet respectful single gentlemen…some don’t have that preference. Don’t take it personal if you are rejected…it’s all about preference. Plain and simple, “No” means, “No”.

Excessive Drinking
Don’t be a fool and drink more than you can handle. Excessive drinking can impair your judgment as well as put you into a very embarrassing situation. Know your limits.

Dealing with Jealousy
Jealousy strikes both men and women when they perceive a third-party threat to a valued relationship. Although common, especially among “new” couples in the lifestyle, it can be avoided. Always arrive together with your partner, stay close to your partner, and take the time to touch base often, discussing your actions or intentions. Lastly, always leave together. If any jealousy occurs, please cease all activity immediately, move yourselves to a quiet place, and discuss any issues. If the problem cannot be solved, then we suggest leaving the party to work out your differences elsewhere.

Drugs of ANY sort will not be tolerated. This includes the carrying and using of drugs within the club premises. Anyone found with drugs on their person will be REMOVED from the club.

Dress Code
In general, our dress code is, “Dress to Impress”.  The key is sexy for the ladies and classy for the gents. For our “themed” parties, the theme attire is optional, but it’s recommended in order to set the mood of the party. *We do ask that all guests & members follow local laws by keeping nipples, aureola, and genitals covered. This is due to the fact that it is illegal to be nude in a place that sells alcohol in the state of Arkansas.

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